Dear sports friends,

I personally and all wildwater fans in Liptovsky Mikulas are very pleased to announce that European Canoeing Association has honored us for the third time of organizing European Canoe Slalom Championships. We shall welcome you this year in the Ondrej Cibak Wildwater Stadium which was recently rebuilt with new feature including water lift, return channel and the pumping system, which guarantee us enough water in the course even during the very low rainfall seasons.

As a chairman of organizing committee, I have the honor of wishing you  all the best during the competition and also a wonderful time during your stay in Liptovsky Mikulas.

As the Covid 19 pandemic is still with us, you will all abide by the government regulations to minimize the split during the competition.

So once again we wish you very best in the competition and also Covid 19 free time with us and wish you success in the European Championships.

chairman of HOC

Host Organizing Committee
Chairman   Alexander SLAFKOVSKY
General Secretary / Technical Manager   Ivan CIBAK
Race Office / Transfer / Accommodation / ITO   Lucia ZAHORSKA
Technical Support Manager   Richard GRIGAR
Marketing   Filip MACHAJ
Media Manager   Lucia ANTOLOVA
Finance Manager  Iveta MILECOVA

ECA Official
Chief Official  Andrej JELENC
Chief Judge   Colin WOODGATE